Eyelash Treatment

Through the years, there’ve been many beauty trends that have come and gone, such as pencil thin eyebrows – hello 90’s and Kate Moss!! Now we see more thick bushy brow’s like Brooke Shields and Cara Delevigne. One trend that has always been in vogue is long, luscious lashes!

Who doesn’t want thicker, longer eyelashes? Usually, longer eyelashes were only possible with the use of fake lashes. However, due to the discovery of a desirable side effect of a glaucoma drug, a treatment for thicker and longer eyelashes is now available by prescription.

If you were able to grow your own long lashes, would you??

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Just a few pointers about Latisse®

What is Latisse®?
Latisse® is a prescription-strength solution that is used to stimulate the eyelashes to grow longer, thicker, and darker. Results will start to be noticeable after about 4 weeks, with full results being visible after about 14 weeks.

How it Works:
Typically, eyelashes take 1-2 months to grow to their full length, after which the lash transitions to a “resting phase” before eventually falling off. Latisse® works by prolonging the “growth phase”, so that your eyelashes continue growing and fall off at a slower rate. As a result, you will have both longer and more eyelashes.

How do I use Latisse®?
**When you pick up your Latisse® kit, the aesthetician will review the steps in detail to make sure you’re 100% clear on the process. It is critical to follow these instructions to get the best results!

Step 1: Before Applying
Before applying Latisse® nightly, ensure your face is clean and that makeup and contact lenses are removed.

Step 2: Prepare the applicator
Remove an applicator from its tray. Then, holding the sterile applicator horizontally, place one drop of Latisse® solution on the area of the applicator closest to the tip, but not on the tip.

Step 3: Apply to skin using applicator
Immediately draw the applicator carefully along the skin at the base of the upper eyelashes (where the eyelashes meet the skin) going from the inner part of your lash line to the outer part.
Do not apply the formula to the bottom lashes.
Apply Latisse® only at night right before you plan on going to sleep. There is NO benefit to applying more than once a day.

Step 4: Blot excess
Blot any excess solution beyond the eyelid with a tissue.

Step 5: Dispose of applicator
Dispose of the applicator after one use. Repeat for the opposite eyelid, using a new, sterile applicator to help minimize any potential for contamination from one eyelid to another.

Application Reminders
– Apply Latisse® daily for 16 weeks. Do not reduce or stop application when you first notice results. 
– If you miss a dose, don’t try to play “catch-up.” Just apply Latisse® the next day.
– Do not apply directly into the eye or to the lower lid; blot excess solution with a tissue.
– It is possible for hair growth to occur on other areas of your skin that Latisse® solution frequently touches.
– Only use the sterile applicator supplied with the Latisse® kit to apply the product.
– Don’t allow the tip of the bottle or applicator to touch your fingers or any other unintended surface, as contamination by common bacteria is known to cause infections.
– Remove contact lenses prior to applying Latisse® solution. Contact lenses may be reinserted 15 minutes after application
– If you get Latisse® in your eye, do not rinse your eye. It is not expected to cause harm.
– Remember, if you stop using Latisse®, lashes will gradually return to their previous appearance.