Skin Care

ZO® Skin Health

The Leading Physician-Dispensed Skincare Brand Number One Skin Care Brand. Founded by Dr. Zein Obagi.
Provides comprehensive solutions for maintaining skin at its healthiest – regardless of age, ethnicity, skin condition or skin type. From correcting sun damage and pigmentation to protecting against future damage, ZO® offers a wide spectrum of advanced skincare protocols and products designed to promote healthier skin day after day.

Garden City Essentials

The Number One Skin Care Brand at Touch & Glow.
At Garden City Essentials, our house brand products are formulated from scratch, hand blended, poured and packaged in our dedicated studio in St. Catharines, Ontario (The Garden City!). They are free from petroleum, parabens, synthetic preservatives, endocrine disruptors, GMOs, fragrances, solvents and dyes.


Experience “The Beauty of Results”
Jess Vivier formulated and patented the highest quality stable Vitamin C serums with L-Ascorbic Acid (USP). In order for products to be the most effective they must also penetrate deep into the skin. This led to the discovery and creation of our IntraDermal System (IDS) technology targeting visible signs of aging for a more beautiful you.
All of our products continue to be carefully formulated and manufactured to the highest standards as we deliver on our promise “The Beauty of Results”.