Sagging Skin

Our skin health is at the mercy of many forces as we mature and age. Factors like harsh weather, sun, and bad habits all contribute to our skin’s natural aging process. Technology has allowed us to reverse some of the signs of aging.


How your skin ages will depend on a variety of factors: your lifestyle, diet, heredity, and other personal habits. For instance, smoking can produce damaging free radicals. These are what were once healthy oxygen molecules that have now become overactive and unstable. Free radicals damage cells, leading to many side effects including wrinkles and fine lines.


Just because you don’t smoke, doesn’t mean you are fully protected. Primary factors contributing to wrinkled, spotted skin include normal aging, sun exposure (photo aging), pollution, and loss of subcutaneous support (fatty tissue between your skin and muscle).

And then aside from environmental factors, there are the things in life that we cannot always control. Other factors that contribute to aging of the skin include stress, gravity, daily facial movement, weight loss and weight gain, and even sleep position!

Sagging Skin Treatment Options

Facial Treatments

Treatments targeting teen + adult acne, from mild to severe, even acne scarring.

Skin Rejuvenation

With a consultation, we can offer treatments that give the face, neck, and body a youthful appearance.

Fillers & Injections

Fillers that plump the skin and injection treatments. Minimally invasive, they do not involve surgery.

Skin Tightening

Uses radio frequency to stimulate collagen production causing skin to contract & tighten.

IV Wellness Therapy

Only made with premium Health Canada approved ingredients with indication for intravenous use.

Wrinkle Prevention

Learn more about being proactive about wrinkle prevention.

Skin Care Routine

We offer three impressive skin care lines. Schedule a consultation to see which one is best for your skin.